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Dear FP Core members,

We just got word from our freight carrier that due to a catastrophic event, our entire shipment of Megazero figures has been destroyed. Here's the message quoted from our carrier:


Pre-orders Open Tuesday, Nov. 26th 2013 at 11am CST!


A Glimpse of the new Warbot

We are pleased to give fpc members a first look at the newest Warbot in the series.

These are of course prototype shots, colors and details may change when it goes to production. But you get the idea... it's dead sexy.

(Please note: You'll need to be logged in to see the photos)

Pre-orders Open Tuesday, Nov. 5th 2013 at 11am CST!

Both Fangro and Tailclub will be available for purchase separately. As mentioned, Member Pricing is available for everyone that has a free member account.


As promised, Glacialord pre-orders are opening up to members. This will be pre-orders for the first 3 bots in the series... Fangro, Tailclub, Tusker. Member pricing will be available once again for all FPC members.

Retro-Future Glacialord

WB-002T Steel Trailer Update!

The much anticipated trailer add-on for Steel Core is set to go into production. As of right now we are providing first shots of our proposed production prototype. More information on release dates and pricing will follow.


FP Core

For all you fans that will be attending TFCON 2013, stop by our booth to say hi and to checkout some of the goodies we will have with us.

For all those who have been waiting so patiently, we would love for you to come and see the first reveal of the Retro Future FPC has envisioned @ Botcon. You can find us beside the A3U booth near the back wall tomorrow morning (Sunday June 30, 2013).

The virus appeared as if from nowhere, a single black spot on a Soleron field medic found after an engagement with the horde in the Plexus nebula, it spread inexorably until he was covered in the corrupting techno phage.

It's been quiet for a while... too quiet. Rest assured though, as we are developing ideas on how to push FPC forward and maintain a unique course for the future.


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