Book of Core Entry

Project Core-R (The Corer Units)


Steel was a junior scientist before joining the WARBOT ranks, he was part of the team  developing and then weaponizing Endo-Frame technology. Long before the war began, Steel played an integral role in the development of the Soleron conversion process and one of its earliest adopters. He assisted in adapting the Soleron’s ability to generate excess crystal energy to power equipment and vehicles. 

When it became apparent that the war between the Alphas and Betas was not destined to be a simple conflict as originally thought, Steel became obsessed with reinforcing the many alphas that had accepted the Soleron process with the ability to contribute to the war effort.

Steel was the first to merge with a weaponized CORER UNIT and was instrumental in their evolution as a military asset. He was immediately given a provisional position within the General Infantry. Unknown to most, Steel was actually considered for a position in Project Alpha due in large part to his dedication to the war effort, but his fierce independence ruled him out.

Under the instruction of his commanders, he was given no special treatment and received the same training as any other ranger. Fortunately, Steel excelled in his practical tests and won over many of his skeptical commanding officers. He quickly established himself as a capable leader and surrounded himself with an unusual team, including one of his most notable comrades - Assaulter (refer to Project Red Shift).