Book of Core Entry

Project Soleron


Ruthen was the very first test subject for the Project Soleron experiment.  The idea was to downsize the full personality of a full-size Alpha into a smaller, more compact and energy efficient robot, who would have full mobility and awareness, and who could combine with a Transtector.

Ruthen and his friend Osmi were lowly workers, both of whom had longed to join the ranks of the Warbots, however their original forms (the long obsolete and deleted 4F model) did not lend themselves well to the stresses of war; uncoordinated, weak, fragile, and requiring regular maintenance just to keep it running at low-level settings.  Ruthen and Osmi went into the experiment knowing all the risks, such was their determination to rise through the ranks of the Core.  Ruthen had the dubious honor of going first.

The experiment succeeded; to a point.  

Ruthen's  memory engrams were successfully transferred into his new Soleron body, but not 100% complete.  Now Ruthen has the body he always wanted; strong, quick, lithe, and energetic, but the cost was high.  A corruption of the file during the data transfer means that Ruthen has gained these abilities, but at the cost of his higher wave patterns.  Ruthen no longer has the high mental acuity he once enjoyed, and he is  convinced that the experiment failed and he is still trapped in his larger form.  There is great irony it seems, in him having the form he always wanted, but without the capacity to appreciate the journey he has undertaken and the form he has gained.  

Alpha Core wanted a soldier, and in many ways Ruthen is perfect, always ready to do his duty and perform on demand.  Currently there are no plans to supply Ruthen with his own transtector, as the ability to improvise in battle and deductive reasoning are high on the list of qualities looked for in candidates.


Osmi and Ruthen are old friends who worked together in the waste factories on Xede, they both volunteered for Project Soleron at the same time looking for a better life.  Although they were brave to volunteer for the Soleron experiments at such an early stage of the Project's development, the two don't really get much credit within the ranks of the Soleron and Warbot teams.  Both bots are considered part of a lower caste system, and it seems that even after leaving their old 4F body types to become the first in the line of advanced Solerons, they still don't get respect from their new peers.  Unfortunately, Osmi and Ruthen's old friends don't feel happy for them either - jealous that Osmi and Ruthen  escaped the trappings of their old jobs and social stature.  It's true that you can't go home again.  

Osmi works harder than ever to prove himself suitable candidate for his own Transtector, working harder and longer hours than any other cadets.  People say he trains like he has something to prove, and he does; he has to prove to himself that he made the right choice, and that Ruthen's sacrifice was for a reason, and he does all this whilst trying to drag Ruthen along with him, pushing hard to get them both through the training schools at the same rate.

In his spare time, Osmi spends every spare moment with his friend Ruthen, determined to break through the memory algorithms and return his old friend to his former personality.

Passing the Warbot Training School would be hard for any bot, but to do so whilst dragging dead-weight along is near impossible.  It's most frustrating to watch, as Osmi is more than ready to step up to the Warbot ranks with his own transtector, however being held back in the vain hope that somehow he can somehow break through with Ruthen.  As two fully functioning Warbots would be better than one with his mind constantly worried for the other, there is always a hope that somehow Osmi can surpass Ruthen's current disability.