Book of Core Entry

Project Upgrade


A veteran of nearly every major conflict since the singularity. REVOLVER has a unique view of the universe, might makes right. From his perspective, a warrior’s skill in the art of close combat shows their conviction and through that the righteousness of their cause. One on one Revolver is said to have no equal. It is whispered amongst the Betas that even the fabled SKYCROW would not face him in close quarters.

He has little use for words, feeling that actions speak much more succinctly, few have ever been able to glean more than a field report or an acknowledgment of an order from him making his life story mysterious even to those he fights alongside. His apparent disdain for stagnation both in his training and constantly changing assortment of armaments has made for an unusual friendship with the Soleron engineer Razer, Revolver truly seems to appreciate the small warriors joy in weapons-smiting and is always willing to try out a new experimental weapons system in live combat environments.

It would be a mistake to assume just because Revolver chooses to fight hand to hand that a long range assault is a preferable tactic, much to dismay of many an Beta and innumerable members of the horde, Revolver is more than capable of waging a crushing long range engagement. he simply finds it far too easy.

It has become clear that Revolver is seeking out the horde, venturing deeper and deeper into Crystallon controlled space alone, coming back increasingly damaged but seemingly more determined every time. Whatever he may be searching for... woe betide any being standing in his way.