Shadow Commander Imitation!!

Special Thanks to many fans that brought us to our attention that there's Shadow Commander Imitation in the market.

Please check the picture below to learn how to identify the different.

Please help make collecting fun and safe,  E-mail us if you know anywhere or who sell the imitation and we will post them on our website.


I purchased a Shadow Commander KO on ebay from this seller:

If I had known there was a KO floating around, I definitely would have checked more closely before purchasing.

Is this the only one?

I have a question regarding this item, i was curious to know are these same features you are pointing out on the shadow commander apparent on the ultra magnus city commander? And if not was there improvements made to the shadow commander mold that weren't originally on the city commnader? thanks for showing these shots and all but now i makes me concerned over what i have purchased...

Any plains to make more shadow commander sets ?