New Promo Images of Causality CA-03, CA-04, CA-05

Check out the new images of the production quality on the upcoming Causality Series Robots! These new promotion designs feature the latest update to the final production figures. Note that some details may change, but for the most part, this is a good indication of the final product that will be shipping.


Thanks to all of our Fans that have already pre-ordered this. We are proud to be able to produce this new line of FansProject robots with all of the support from the community. Thanks again and enjoy!!


Didn't realize just how much articulation was in the shoulders of Thundershred. Wow.

totally amazing figure! Looks great next, everything else you guys have ever made! keep em comin!

Can you please hurry up and release this beauty - the wait is killing me.

The anticipation is unbearable for these. My Classics/Generations/Universe/RtS Deceptions need their ranks expanded!

totally agree on that and can't wait to kick autobot butts!
how about releasing the other four lesser known insecticons?
barrage,chopshop,ransack and venom?
that's sweet! 2 of them`ll be the mysterious CA-06 & -07?!? -would be coool!!!
Can`t wait to get Thundershred in my own hands... ;-)

Can't wait for these. Pure awesomeness!

have them all preordered at BBTS. WANT WANT WANT!

Finally someone out there giving us fans what we want, these all look amazing. Cant wait to get my hands on them

Stombomb's main pose with his two handed chain sickle weapon works.

Also like backfiery's knife attachment points. They do look like assassins which the classic color scheme helps.

Some people I've noticed are torn on the elemental chest emblems. But if you really hate them, then stickers could just cover it. Myself I dig how it breaks up the yellow, and adds something unique to each of them.