FansProjectCore By the Numbers

Hello Robot Fans!

Here's a quick update on where the FP Core community stands.

In just over 3 weeks of existence, has built up over 1500 registered users!

We're pretty amazed with that number since we haven't offered up too many features yet. Rest assured, they are coming.

How about Factions?

Here's the (approximate) Faction breakdown so far:

  • Alpha Core - 700
  • Beta Exodus - 550
  • Crystallon Horde - 250


I'm pretty sure the alphabetical ordering has something to do with the mix. C'mon Alphas, it's not that hard to drag your mouse a couple of inches over!

Right now, you can change your side freely. Just click "My Account" on the right side of the page, then "edit" on you account page.

We will be implementing a cut-off date where you will have to lock-in your Allegience. Don't worry, you'll have lots of advanced notice.

Stay tuned Robot Fans, lots more exclusives to come!


Great idea on the factions. The Horde shall be VICTORIOUS!

i dont get it, why start this fancy website and not updat a thing in close to 6 months?

For the Horde !!! :P

I'm with the horde too

does being a member crystalline horde, help increase the amount of crystals earned?

are the good guys?!!!

HEART MASTER looks like an Alpha Core so...

I joined the horde because I think it fits me best

agreed. I honestly didn't think of which side was good or bad, but it's prety obvious Alpha = autobots (I would have gone with this, but I don't think myself a good swordsmen. :b) Betas = 'Cons (I am a Beta Exodus, it fits me best) Crystallons = an actually original group, most likely beast wars homages from the sound of things. X3

Yea, I'm a Beta as well. The Exodus shall TRIUMPH!