Glacialord Pre-orders Coming Shortly... Stay Tuned for More!

As promised, Glacialord pre-orders are opening up to members. This will be pre-orders for the first 3 bots in the series... Fangro, Tailclub, Tusker. Member pricing will be available once again for all FPC members. Pricing and pre-order dates will be available shortly.


Having owned Fangor for a long while now and having seen the set at TFCon, all I can say is, FINALLY!!!

This combiner is FUN!!! There are so many play options and I have only experienced Fangor. With all the 3P combiners coming out, this return to the 80's set is still one of my most anticipated releases.

For the last while whilst collecting high end 3P and MasterPiece figures, I had forgotten that aside from looking awesome these toys are supposed to be fun as well. I do not play with my figures but to this day I can not resist the urge to pick up Fangro and play around with his many play features.

My name is Transbot90210 and I approve of this message.

Looking forward to getting my hands on these guys finally, the video reviews have had me drooling!

When will we get the other 2 ?, megazero and razorhorn ? :0 all so im dieing for the other combiner to rival glacialord ? THEY ARE ARTIC ASSAULT VEHICLES CORRECT ? and can we get a name for him as well as a pic of him and or a bot or 2 ? PLEASE !! ?

Why the delay for the final two members? I've had the first three since TFCon and would love to finally complete the set!

I am so very excited for this set...