Pre-orders for Final 3 Glacialbots

Pre-orders Open Tuesday, Nov. 26th 2013 at 11am CST!

All 3 of the final Glacialbots Tuskcer, Razorspike and Megazero will be available for purchase separately. As mentioned, Member Pricing is available for everyone that has a free member account.


Pricing will be in USD as follows:

Tusker: $59.99 (Member Price - $49.99)

Razorspike: $39.99 (Member Price - $29.99)

Megazero: $39.99 (Member Price - $29.99)


Thanks to all of the members who bought the first 2 in the set! We are happy to say that it was a pleasant turnout and we are sold out this round. We are looking into getting another run for those who missed the chance. Stay tuned for updates on that.


I have been counting down the days for these guys !! I still cant wait for the artic assault vehicle combiner !!!- when are they coming out any way guys ?? I hope you guys do lots and lots more of these new sub group g1 combiners :) --- it would all so be pretty epic to see a brand new beast wars-ish gestalt like tripredacus , tripledacus , magnaboss , magnaboss II , or even GOD NEPTUNE ..... I just am such a huge fan of you guys now ... I only collect g1,g2, beast wars and now I can finally buy from a third party company ;) keep up the good work PLEASE !!! ?? ;P

I bought the first two last summer at TFCon 2013. I am so glad the last three are finally available.

10 more minutes!!! I am SO excited to put all these guys together! FP is bringing G1 back... in a BIG way!

Amazing to finally be able to order the final two members. Razorspike's color scheme is really striking. I don't think anything can top a Giant Elk transforming robot, though. Unless, of course, it's a robot riding a Giant Elk robot!

I can't even begin to tell you guys how wonderful and creative this set is. It's the centerpiece of my collection, and the toys I most often play with. Thank you for making them!

Cannot wait to complete this combiner - incredible work as always. My childhood dreams come true in plastic & ten times cooler!

On Fang & Tail, the stickers were applied but only part way. So strange. Otherwise love'em. Can't wait for the other 3.

My friend managed to get them at TFCon for me, can't wait for the rest!

Please seriously look into a new run of the first two Glacialbots! I missed out on a Tailclub, and am one member short of the full team. Please, please, please!