Product Catalog

We here at FPC would like to thank everyone for their patience while we get all our crystals organized and sorted out. Right now I would like to say that our Product Catalog has been fleshed out and should be complete. If you find any mistakes please feel free to let us know by using the contact us form located under the contact us tab.

New info is coming out soon. We think you will excited and pleased when it comes up. I know, it hurts to hear it but a little more patience is needed. Believe me, it will all be worth it.


It's fantastic hearing from you again. You have been missed. You really spoiled us last year and this quiet time has been torture. It sucks having to wait for more info but just knowing you're still in the game makes it easier.

Take all the time you need to get whatever it is you guys are working on right and keep up the awesome work.

can't wait

We knew you guys wouldn't let us down. It feels great to hear from you. Bring on the magic. "All Hail the Horde"

I've only got one thing to say about all this...


All Hail the Mighty Horde!

... is good news! Can't wait to see the news start flowing!

FP unleash the Fury and for the Horde !!!!!!

I gotta say it seems like the Horde has all the energy in this site. Bring it on "All Hail the Horde"

@ orionpax44
But always be aware of the Exiles in your midst.